Description of model’s processes

угольный терминал 2d

Given model simulates the operation of a coal handling terminal. The cargo arrives by rail. On arrival at the terminal wagons with coal go to a railway station. When the wagon thawing stations are again available one of locomotives moves a new wagon batch to the wagon thawing stations. For unloading the cargo there are two wagon thawing stations with a capacity of 10 wagons, two wagon tipplers and two transborders. After being unloaded with the wagon tippler each wagon goes to the transborder which shifts it to a parallel railway for storing empty wagons. Then a locomotive takes them away from there. The coal unloaded by the wagon tippler gets to the conveyer belts’ system and goes to the terminal’s storages or to the shiploaders.

There are provided two berths which are able to handle Panamax vessels.


Technical description

The model is realized with multimethod simulation.


Model’s input parameters:

  • Vessel schedule (or the intensity of call), there is a possibility to specify the tonnage of each vessel.
  • Train schedule (or the intensity of call). There is provided the mode of determining the maximum throughput of the discharge area of the terminal. There is a possibility to change the number of wagons.
  • There is realized a possibility to change the technical characteristics of the terminal such as: the speed of one wagon overturning, capacity of one wagon tippler, the speed of the conveyor belts, the speed of thawing of one wagon batch, a possibility to change the capacity of the wagon thawing stations.
  • There is realized a possibility of simulation of emergency situations such as: the railway is out of order, the wagon tippler is out of order.
  • There is provided a possibility to change the number of berths, storage area capacity for wagons, the number of  wagon tipplers.

It is possible to specify the input parameters from the Excel-file or database.


Output from the model:

  • a total number of wagons unloaded, the average number of  wagons unloaded per day, the amount of the distribution schedule unloaded wagons per day, the dynamics of unloading wagons by hour, the number of wagon batches unloaded, the graph of distribution of wagon batches unloaded by day.
  • the rest of the coal in the storage areas, the amount of coal loaded on the vessel, the dynamics of the rest on the storage areas of the terminal.
  • a number of vessels called at the terminal, the average tonnage of these vessels, the average time of  vessel loading, graph of distribution of time of vessels’ loading, the percentage of vessel loading.
  • rate of utilization the storage areas, rate of utilization of the wagon tipplers.


There is a possibility of adding statistics gathering any quantitative indicators. There is also a  possibility of exporting the output to Excel-file or database.


Result of work

Thanks to the implementation of the dynamic changes of the input parameters, the model makes it possible to analyze the throughput of the railway station,  the throughput of wharfage and of the terminal in general.