About the service

Large and medium-sized enterprises daily process a large volume of information recorded in the ERP system, conduct a comparative analysis of the plan-fact work, create reports on the results of work, correct the old ones and make up new schedules for the work of the enterprise.
The simulation model allows you to speed up the process of analyzing data from the ERP system, taking into account the peculiarities of the work of your enterprise, simplifying the process of creating production plans, assessing the risks of decision making, conducting a comparative analysis of the adoption of 2 different solutions, and conducting an optimization analysis of the metrics of the enterprise.
The simulation model will become an indispensable assistant for decision-making.

What we do

  1. Investigation of simulated processes
    We draw up a diagram of the processes of your enterprise, structure them, identify the key factors that affect the process of the enterprise.
  2. Develop a simulation model
    Based on the analysis of the company’s processes, we are developing a simulation model, taking into account all the enterprise processes, developing an integration module with your ERP system, existing reports in the excel format, testing the model, and providing support for its use. We create new modules or modify existing ones, if necessary, to change the model.
    Create 2D / 3D visualization of the work of your enterprise.

    The model can consist of the following modules:
    – logistics module
    – finance module
    – production module
    – module for carrying out optimization experiments
    – module for constructing comparative experiments
    – reporting module
    – integration module
  3. Integration
    We integrate with the existing ERP system and company reports. We are developing a module for constructing reports containing data obtained as a result of the work of the simulation model.


  • Formal description of existing processes and identification of modeling goals
  • Preparation of the technical assignment
  • Sign the agreement
  • Development of a simulation model
  • Test integration with ERP system
  • First stage of testing with the customer
  • Modification of the model
  • Second stage of testing with the customer
  • Final changes to the model and final configuration of the integration module
  • Delivery of the project to the customer
  • Support for project users over the next 12 months

Your benefit

  • Acceleration of the process of analyzing the results of your enterprise
  • Conducting a comparative analysis of the work of adoption in various solutions in a risk-free environment, taking into account the specifics of your production processes
  • Testing the hypotheses for optimizing the operation of your enterprise in a risk-free environment
  • Ability to simulate the work of your company on a certain day based on data in the ERP system using a simulation model
  • Obtaining a simulation model for everyday use. The model is not limited in time

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